While myself and other members of the AA guild was sitting on a bench outside of Silvermoon watching a bad roleplay train wreck (a demon in disguise killed someone else’s unborn baby, epic dramangst ensues) I received a tell from a party interested in joining our guild.

22:11 [InquiringDK]: hello…just read your guild post on the website…wondering if yer still recruiting for raids and other things
22:11 [Altoholic]: Yessir.
22:12 [InquiringDK]: is there a gear requirement?
22:12 [Altoholic]: Have you gotten all appropriate gear from triumph badges?
22:12 [InquiringDK]: almost need gloves
22:13 [InquiringDK]: got chest piece from pvp
22:13 [Altoholic]: What gloves are you using currently?
22:13 [InquiringDK]: [Plated Grips of Korth'azz]
22:13 [Altoholic]: That’s not too bad.
22:13 [InquiringDK]: yeah

I see the gloves aren’t enchanted. To the armory I go. I noticed a few blues which can be dismissed under certain circumstances, my main concern was other things: Specs, professions, gems, enchants.

Most of the gear is ungemmed, unenchanted, or gemmed/enchanted wrong. Specs are odd. Professions are low and not pve oriented. This person needs some help, they’re probably a new player and simply haven’t got a clue because no one has invested any time with them or given them a good whack upside the head with a clue-by-four.

While most people would say “You suck!” I prefer to help by investing a small amount of my time to Constructive Criticism. Getting real constructive criticism should make the recipient feel good and motivated instead of discouraged.

22:14 [InquiringDK]: this is my chest piece
22:14 [InquiringDK]: [Furious Gladiator's Dreadplate Chestpiece] (contains a def gem and a parry gem)
22:14 [Altoholic]: o.O Parry?
22:14 [InquiringDK]: lol…used to tank
22:15 [Altoholic]: Of all the tanky stats, parry has the least amount of return per point. :p
22:16 [InquiringDK]: well maybe thats y i sucked at tanking!!!
22:17 [Altoholic]: That, and you need tank gear for tanking.
22:18 [InquiringDK]: yep…well im getting the triumph chest piece asap anyways
22:18 [InquiringDK]: its gearded towards dps anyways
22:19 [Altoholic]: It looks like you still need a lot of work.
22:20 [InquiringDK]: ok sorry to bother ya…dueces

I think most would have ended the conversation there, but doing so accomplishes nothing.
Here’s the wind up.

22:20 [Altoholic]: I can give you some pointers.
22:21 [InquiringDK]: thankk you for yor time…dueces
22:21 [Altoholic]: Give me a minute. I have a DK but it’s a DK tank.
22:21 [InquiringDK]: ok
22:21 [InquiringDK]: whats good??
22:22 [Altoholic]: I’m looking around to see if I can find a link or two to give you.
22:22 [InquiringDK]: a link for what??
22:22 [Altoholic]: Help with your DK.

And the pitch!

22:24 [Altoholic]: First, take a look at your specs.
22:24 [InquiringDK]: ok
22:24 [Altoholic]: Hit up World of Logs and check out the top DPS DKs and how they’re gemmed, glyphed, and enchanted.

Out comes the clue-by-four.

22:25 [Altoholic]: Gem and enchant your gear. When you come into a group, people will look at your gear and not doing things like gemming and enchanting makes people feel like you don’t care.
22:25 [Altoholic]: While you may not intend for it to be taken that way, it will put people off.
22:26 [InquiringDK]: ok
22:26 [Altoholic]: Taking a little time to research and spruce up will say a world of good things about you.
22:26 [InquiringDK]: k
22:27 [Altoholic]: I’m not shooting you down and you’re perfectly welcome to contact me again in a week or two when you’ve fixed stuffs.
22:27 [InquiringDK]: dude..ive only been playing this game for 3 months
22:27 [Altoholic]: But simply looking at what others do and asking questions can make you go a long way.
22:28 [Altoholic]: I found a great addon called “Magic Runes” that I configured to help me keep track of my diseases on my DK.
22:28 [Altoholic]: A portion of your DPS comes with keeping your diseases up, if your diseases fall off your target your DPS drops.
22:28 [Altoholic]: You may also want to dump your professions and pick up something more useful.
22:29 [Altoholic]: The best professions for a serious DPS DK are Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting, though Mining and Jewelcrafting are pretty good.
22:31 [InquiringDK]: yeah but with jc ill spend more money that what ill make
22:31 [Altoholic]: If you pick up mining.
22:31 [Altoholic]: You’ll be able to spend time to acquire all the gems needed for leveling JC.
22:32 [InquiringDK]: well its cool…im used to guilds rejecting me anyways but i never know why and im really new to this game just been playing for a couple of months
22:33 [InquiringDK]: i appreciate your time and advice


22:33 [Altoholic]: You might also find um.
22:33 [InquiringDK]: find what?
22:33 [Altoholic]: A forum called “Elitist Jerks” to be helpful. They’re not as bad as they sound.
22:33 [Altoholic]: They have a thread all about Deathknights and talk about everything you need to know.
22:34 [InquiringDK]: ok ill check em out
22:34 [Altoholic]: Just take a little time to put some tender love and care into your character.
22:34 [Altoholic]: And learning how to kick a little bit of ass and you won’t get rejected by groups anymore.
22:35 [InquiringDK]: lol…check this out im in the army im a kickboxer and i have a family…i think im doig ok for now…do i need improvements yeah a whole bunch i know
22:35 [InquiringDK]: but so far this is the coolest rejection ever!!
22:35 [Altoholic]: I work a full time job.
22:35 [Altoholic]: And I run a full time guild and a whole bunch of other things.
22:36 [InquiringDK]: thats cool bro..
22:36 [InquiringDK]: ill get better
22:36 [Altoholic]: And I’ll be happy to give you a shot when you do. Keep in touch, ok?
22:36 [InquiringDK]: yeah for sure
22:36 [InquiringDK]: thx

I’m honestly surprised how well the Inquiring DK took my feedback. It shows a lot of maturity on his part to take constructive feedback without freaking out.

It’ll be interesting to see if he follows my advice, if he does then he’s well on his way to being a better player and a contributing member of a raid team someday.

*Insert warm fuzzies here.*

Oddly enough, after I wrote this I checked Blog Azeroth and this post is relevant to the current Shared Topic, “How do I help new players?”

The TL;DR is that I help new and inexperienced players by giving Constructive Criticism and information on resources to those new players mature enough to listen instead of getting upset.

5 Comments on Shared Topic: The Coolest Rejection Ever

  1. Saga says:

    I think that’s a really good way to do it. The game has enough jerks that will just say “Your gear sucks” and leave it at that. How can new players ever learn if no one tells them what they do wrong. Also, if you’re really new and you don’t necessarily have friends that played for some time you’d never know to look up elitist jerks or any other website. So I think it was a really good thing you did pointing him in the right direction :)

  2. bobreaze says:


    Your awesome most people are dicks and just reading about you giving advice made me happy. Maybe i need to lose my grumpy demener and begin helping the less fortunate players.

  3. Ten says:

    LIES! Alty McAlthat used to bash me upside the head with bricks if I didn’t gem and enchants stuff after I got it!

    And if I missed a Curse, or Poison? THREE DAYS IN A PORT-O-POTTY!

  4. Zan says:

    Ahhh, Mr. Treeguy.

    I hit you with the Clue-By-Four because gems and enchants are free for the guild and I have all the gem cuts you need so there’s really no excuse.

    When are you going to start your own blog so people can subscribe to your randomness?

  5. Ten says:


    Or until that deal with Guinness comes in.